sábado, 27 de mayo de 2017


I miss you at all hours, in all directions. I miss you in all the ways on which a person can miss someone. I miss you almost in all the seasons,  in the raining that doesn't make us getting wet, in the wind which doesn’t dishevel our hair now. I miss you with my five senses, those with what I would like feel you in this moment, in your skin, in your hands, even in your hair roots.

I miss you because I stopped  breathing you and I am run out of air, because you get invisible, and my eyes lose the orientation. I miss you in the desire of having you, in all the kisses that I promised  give you, I miss you in the "Everything will go well" one more time. I miss you in the screams, in the silent, at the wrong time, at an inopportune moment.

My mood miss you too, the smile that you make me knows your name by memory, my brilliants eyes, my red cheeks…they know your coordinates and they miss you too. They miss you in a wholesale way, in a large scale. And now… Now is when I notice how far away can be the Western Hemisphere in our continent. Now is when Europe start to be too much big for us, when we know the real value of the distance that exist between you and me.

I miss you, and I miss you without permission. I have never wanted to miss your eyes, and know I am doing that. Now I miss your obsessions, your concerns, I miss all of those things that one day I said to you that I didn't like. I miss them. I miss you, you who I need in a very expensive way, in a way which make me poor, a way which I can't pay, the loneliness way. You who don't let me be hurt. Me who is hurt when I need you more than normal, you who know how win with me, you who give me the value that I didn't deserve. You who need me. Me who need you.